Ingersoll London Line Key

Ingersoll London Line Key

Secured by Interactive Mul-T-Lock keys

Please read ALL of this very carefully BEFORE placing your order.
The production of additional keys for this range of locks is extremely strictly controlled.
We have to see an emailed photograph of your key card or we cannot produce your key.

The ordering process is as follows:
1. Place your order and wait for your confirmation email to arrive (check your spam/junk folders).
2. Once received, 'reply' to your confirmation email and attach a clear photograph of your plastic key card.
3. We will then process your order and post your key(s) securely to you.

When your lock was brand new a credit card sized plastic key card was included.
It is impossible to make more keys without this card, no matter what circumstances you describe.
Even if you have just purchased a property and have all the legal documents we still cannot make keys without this vital card.
Telephoning us and explaining your particular circumstances will not alter the outcome.
We do not have records of who has what lock fitted where, you rely entirely on yourself (or your predecessors) to keep your plastic key card safe.
It’s not the key that gets copied, it’s the numbers on the card that are used to produce keys.  

If you do ignore all of this and place an order regardless, and then cannot email a photograph of your card, your order will be pending for a period of 3 months.
During that 3 month period, if your emailed photograph arrives your order will be processed.
If after three months we have not received your emailed photograph, zero keys will be sent and you will NOT receive a refund.

Please note, if your key has the number ‘133’ engraved on it, it is regretfully no longer possible to produce further copies.

£29.95 each