'M section' Ingersoll Key (Master Key)


PLEASE NOTE: Minimum order quantity for this key is 2.

This is the 'M section' Ingersoll Key (Master Key)

So that you know that you are ordering the correct key, this particular key will have the letter 'M' followed by a few numerical digits. For example M5678 or M56789 etc.
The positioning of the letter 'M' before the numerical digits indicates that this is a Master Key and will open more than one lock on a suite of master keyed locks.

If your key number includes the letter 'M' but the 'M' is not at the very beginning of the key number then it is a Servant Key and you need to click here to place your order.

Both Master and Servant keys will take 3-4 weeks to be cut and posted to you.
(there is no way to speed up this process).

All 'M section' key orders require a letter of key authority.
Please see the images for an example of the format of the required letter.
The address at the top of the letter must be the address of where the lock is actually installed.
After you have placed your order you will need to email your letter of key authority as a pdf file attachment to orders@ingersolllocks.co.uk.

If your key has a number (after the letter ‘M’) that is lower than 5000 (i.e. 1-4999) then regretfully it is now obsolete.
It is not possible to obtain further copies of master key suites with a key number lower than 5000.