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BEWARE: Counterfeit Ingersoll Locks & Keys


It’s a sad fact of modern life that many highly desirable quality items are liable to be counterfeited. Unscrupulous persons see an opportunity to make money whether it be Swiss watches, designer handbags or high-end headphones etc. It’s common knowledge that the quality of these counterfeited goods falls far short of the original. Ingersoll Locks are recognised worldwide for their extreme high quality so they are sadly not immune from counterfeiting. Without wishing to diminish from the fundamental criminal act of counterfeiting , the actual consequences can be very different. If a cheap counterfeited handbag falls apart it’s not a huge issue, but what if a door lock fails? You could find your door unlockable or indeed unopenable, the implications are significant for both.

Years ago there would have been official retail shops where the public could buy their Ingersoll Locks. The advent of the internet has changed that with many retailers sadly closing their doors leaving only the internet retailers left. These days the picture is more muddled with hundreds of online shops offering Ingersoll Locks at frankly, bizarrely low prices. We hear of new online shops popping up on a daily basis, making it impossible for us to keep track of genuine offerings. There have even been reported cases of well-known online stores having unknowingly found counterfeited locks amongst their inventory. Some online retailers even allow others to sell via their own platform. The prices on this website that you are browsing right now represent the correct retail prices as of 2019. If you see the same items being sold elsewhere at much lower prices you should act with prudence.

In broad terms the only way that we can be certain is to strongly recommend that you make your purchase here on this website. In this way we can 100% guarantee that the lock sent to you is completely and utterly genuine.

Your Ingersoll keys are highly complex double-sided 10 lever keys. Simple high street ‘trace’ key-duplication is not suitable for Ingersoll keys. You may find a high street made key seemingly works in your lock but damage is being caused each time you use it. The keys that you order here on this website are cut to your unique code and are not ‘copies’ in the traditional sense. Your unique key number relates to the precise location and height of each individual cut on the key. The keys we send to you are incrementally identical to the original key and will not damage your lock. Any duplicated keys not supplied by us that are used in an Ingersoll Lock that we have supplied will invalidate the warranty on your lock.
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