Classic CISA Lock for Wooden Doors
Classic Cylinder | Inward Opening | Left-Handed | Polished Brass


CISA locks have been the lock of choice for communal doors since the late 1970’s
Designed and constructed in Italy these ultra-robust locks are the Locksmiths go-to-product.
With a built-in solenoid they connect to many intercom systems for keyless opening.

CISA make 100’s of different locks but this model is by far the most common option found on a wooden door.

These locks are handed left or right – please study the images before ordering.
Also look out for inward-opening (99% of all UK doors) or the much rarer outward-opening doors, again please study the product images before ordering.

CISA locks are all about function over form, in other words they are not particularly attractive to look at.
Predominantly in use in communal hallways they really aren’t designed to be looked at.
The main body is a silver painted finish and often they arrive from CISA with minor nicks and bumps in the paint, sometimes several.
Unfortunately these described nicks and bumps will not give rise to a reason to return the lock so please be aware.