'A section' Ingersoll Key

£29.95 each

PLEASE NOTE: Minimum order quantity for this key is 2.

Please read caveat in description below before ordering these keys*


This is the Ingersoll 'A section' key.

Your key number will be in the form of three numerical digits, then the letter 'A' then three more numerical digits.
An example of an 'A section' key number would be 123 A 789

Your key(s) will be cut to your unique code and perfectly finished to the original dimensions.
We then post the key to you chosen address using Royal Mail 'Signed For' 1st Class.

PLEASE NOTE: Minimum order quantity for the 'A' section key is 2.

Orders are typically dispatched within 5-7 business days

*These 'A section' keys were used on locks from around 1960 through to 1989.
It’s a testament to their reliability that the locks are still going strong and you now need some extra keys.
However, the key(s) you have in daily use may well be significantly worn.
This will mean that your actual lock will be equally worn.
Your lock and your keys have grown old together and they fit hand-in-glove, so to speak.
The new keys that we will send out will not be worn at all and will in fact be brand new.
In some cases your worn lock will reject these brand new keys and the lock will not turn.
This will not entitle you to a refund as we will have fulfilled our part in sending correct keys.

If this does happen you will need to reply to your emailed order acknowledgement and let us know.
We will then give you an address to post one of your old keys along with all the new keys we supplied.
When they arrive we will then re-cut your new keyed based on the level of wear that we find on your old key.
We will then re-post back to you at our expense but you will need to pay to post to us.